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I got a new video card but the framerates are exactly the same as my previous 1! (Archived)
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The Sock2812/3 7:37AM
Which keyboard should I get of these two? (Archived)
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SkaterUB3012/3 7:30AM
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Any deals on an i3+Mobo+Ram? (Archived)Aceallways112/3 7:07AM
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Moral dilemma here (Archived)
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Toashen1212/3 5:00AM
OMG they fixed RAGE (Archived)
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NfuzedXGamer2712/3 4:08AM
Any Tomb Raider DLCs worth picking up? (Archived)AverageGai912/3 4:05AM
HELP! What the hell is AC4 Black Flag doing to my PC!?!? (Archived)Mwulf412/3 3:46AM
Will you get banned if you put that fonts on steam username? (Archived)zak234512/3 3:16AM
Lavalier mics and wireless receivers (Archived)homeless_hobo112/3 2:59AM
Do all PC gamers slam the crap out of consoles and people that play them? (Archived)
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VandorLee7512/3 2:01AM
Post your holiday PC builds! (Archived)
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GhettoLogistics1512/3 1:20AM
What's the thing called to hold HDD and let us slide it into slot? Is it safe (Archived)TheChosen0ne-812/3 1:17AM
Shadow Warrior $9.99 , includes Steam Key (Archived)KidInTheHall1012/3 12:17AM
best Flight Sims? (Archived)josh_b312/3 12:11AM
Whats the best bluetooth controller for pc? (Archived)Voelger512/3 12:08AM
Best mobo to replace a dying MSI 870-G45? (Archived)YaLikeDags612/3 12:04AM
should i sell my 7970 to buy an Nvidia card? (Archived)
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CM_Mojica2112/3 12:00AM