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What is the longest amount of time that you have used a username?
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Which company's 390x is the coolest(as in not too hot)???jimm120512/2/2015
True console killer in here_Marka_Ragnos_812/2/2015
Does anyone remember a game that looked like gears of war?kryptonsson912/2/2015
Any way to customize the size / color of the OSD in Afterburner?N1NJAREB0RN312/2/2015
Emily is Away >>>> UndertaleTheEnd612/2/2015
What are the best Strategy games of 2015?red_robin412/2/2015
Can't get GTAV to run on laptopsilvergokuZ612/2/2015
Anyone here use Sony Vegas? Need help regarding slow downs.
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Just Cause 3 gameworks runs better on AMD GPU's
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just installed windows 7, my second monitor is unbearable!Dragonfire4356212/2/2015
Essential strategy games?
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Can a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet do this???
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A solution for those of you having problems playing games with AMD cards.
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Angry Joe Reviews Star Wars Battlefront. Gives it a 5/10...
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How do I format/wipe a SSD for reinstall of the OS?
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Another Sound Questionacangial412/2/2015
more games like Command and Conquer?prejt1012/2/2015
Decided to go to QASmoke room. Found a Mini-Nuke melee weapon. Loool. 65 damage.
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Undertale should honestly be disqualified at this point.
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