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Should I get the vanilla BF3 or the Premium Edition with the 5 DLC packs ? (Archived)
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How do you feel about AC: Victory? (Poll)
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Mic pretty much just died the other day. (Archived)SMBfan22512/6 5:43PM
Why is 10/1 not fast enough to handle 720p on Youtube? (Archived)
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Judgmenl6612/6 5:27PM
What game should I play next? (Archived)samuraigaiden712/6 5:19PM
I hate holding back from buying things.. (Archived)
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Pokenub1212/6 5:04PM
Was given a PC, exactly how good is it? (Archived)
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JaspaI_VXV3012/6 4:58PM
(Poll) Do you like Competitive 1v1 Games or Team Based Games More? (Poll)
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iscareu131712/6 4:21PM
So, Denuvo has been cracked. GTAV PC cancelled? (Archived)
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zak2341912/6 4:16PM
which gives better performance. yes another one of these (Archived)XNo_FearX712/6 4:10PM
question about graphics? (Archived)mayu780612/6 4:10PM
SSD - "Native IDE" mode much faster than "AHCI" - strange? (Archived)Jason_25312/6 3:43PM
Your top 1 most played Uplay game? (Archived)
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Zmapper331512/6 3:41PM
Which Game Would You Most Likely Buy (Poll)Zmapper33612/6 3:33PM
Anybody happen to ever take their desktop (components) on an airplane? (Archived)I_Heart_Eevee812/6 3:25PM