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Games that are controller friendly that aren't known or listed as having support (Archived)Voelger83/10 8:10AM
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So I just got the Super Xbox One. (Archived)
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AshWilliams78273/10 6:47AM
h80i and Thermal Compound Question (Archived)BeerOnTap73/10 6:19AM
Games you played for the soundtrack alone (Archived)
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Zingerale113/10 6:02AM
Pc gaming rules! (Archived)
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BankAMG153/10 5:44AM
So question about a laptop purchase (Archived)
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GravyButt353/10 5:04AM
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Weird newegg combo (Archived)drink53/10 4:50AM
Why does using BluRay have to suck so bad as a rule on PC? (Archived)
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neoamerican433/10 3:46AM
Announcer appreciation topic! (Archived)TalesOfGod63/10 2:41AM
Proof that Gaming has been Dumbed Down and is on a steep decline (Archived)
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djprofessork1813/10 2:02AM
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Failure to understand GMG loyalty program (Archived)OrgeLambart43/10 12:16AM
any way to remap usb numpad? (Archived)Mad_Mike8623/10 12:08AM