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Valkyria chronicles. Yay or Nay (Archived)
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gatorattack052111/15 10:54AM
Gotta hand it to Origin...Game Time is awesome. 3 games free atm.. (Archived)
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Benjamin_Button1511/15 10:53AM
Few pc questions for you guys (Archived)ShadowDragon16311/15 10:26AM
am i the only one that enjoys pc gaming for a different reason than power (Archived)
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tiamat9992711/15 10:24AM
Cities XXL announced! (multi-core support confirmed.) (Archived)galfasanta1111611/15 9:56AM
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Feel like playing a random popular hyped game (Poll)
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Chaos_Missile1311/15 9:26AM
Best microtransaction idea ever. (Archived)unsolidsnake511/15 9:16AM
Play Command & Conquer for free (Archived)
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Premium2911/15 7:51AM
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I hate Ubisoft but want the farcry pack. *First world problems inside* (Archived)TehPwnzerer511/15 6:46AM
"your pc did not start correctly" windows 8.1 error. please help! (Archived)
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Stallion_Prime1811/15 5:09AM
Can someone please recommend a good file storage site? (Archived)bigbadharry511/15 4:43AM
can anyone recommend a good gaming desktop that runs things smoothly? (Archived)Soulexking49811/15 2:52AM
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G-Sync monitors? (Archived)thasnipermaster511/15 2:34AM
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