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just bought a mid level computer (Archived)
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caughtya1111410/11 5:34PM
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GPUs are too expensive. (Archived)
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Judgmenl4510/11 4:52PM
Is the Samsung Gear VR a good Oculus Rift alternative? (Archived)harcoreblazer510/11 4:47PM
So is 4GB vram on video cards going to be/or is the new standard ? (Archived)
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Kano924810/11 4:41PM
One thing Archeage got right: 8GB download decompresses to 22GB. (Archived)r7gerrabbit110/11 4:10PM
should i buy AC unity for PC or ps4? (Archived)
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Billy Trance3310/11 4:09PM
Is Shadow of Mordor as good as everyone says? (Archived)
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Bowm40801310/11 3:58PM
Good cheap keyboard? (Archived)Phaser23810/11 3:41PM
Upgrading OEM OS (Archived)Eskii110/11 3:40PM
How important is the RTS/combat aspect of Age of Empires 3? (Archived)
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LouisvilleXV1210/11 3:40PM
So, I just beat Batman: AA *end-game spoilers* (Poll)
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Chaos_Missile1710/11 3:20PM
When discussing game pricing in other regions, what is the best metric to use? (Poll)Black_Assassin410/11 3:14PM
There shouldn't be a problem to mod the assassin into a female assassin in unity (Archived)Billy Trance310/11 3:13PM
Is the Galax GeForce GTX 970 4GB a good card? (Archived)Jedi454810/11 3:06PM
Online games you can play with a casual gamer? (Archived)Chargers_31810/11 2:54PM
Is it possible to overclock a GTX 970 to 1500mhz? (Archived)
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Pepys Monster1110/11 2:37PM