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RE4 PC port is pretty good. (Archived)
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Battleblock Theater is coming to Steam :DDD (Lord Gaben as a cat too) (Archived)locky72363/4 1:59PM
Now Skate is a dead franchise, should Activision and Tony Hawk steal their idea? (Archived)Colin_B9173/4 1:56PM
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yay! Downloading South Park: Stick of Truth (Archived)protools198393/4 12:26PM
TB on WTF Is... - South Park: The Stick of Truth ? (Archived)
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Mhunter04353/4 12:20PM
Need help with getting my Shield to stream from my work. (Archived)lazy_titan53/4 12:17PM
New Titanfall TRAILER (Archived)
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zak234133/4 12:15PM
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