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[Windows 8] Is there any way to reset "open as" to nothing? (Archived)Mwulf51/8 11:32PM
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My Crossfire setup working OK? (Archived)15RC91/8 10:36PM
I think console gaming is good for people who don't have self-control (Archived)
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JohnnyBananas26151/8 10:21PM
What would play games better? (Archived)shadoehacker0671/8 9:46PM
Am I being stupid here? (Poll)
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MegaSlime221/8 9:40PM
anyone watching agdq? (Archived)
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xcmon3yx2191/8 9:19PM
PS3 wont connect to router..never had this problem before. (Archived)Critcal5031/8 8:55PM
Oculus Rift have met its END meet the Oculus KILLER 3D HEAD! (Archived)
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zerooo0111/8 8:16PM
Did anybody try out that Van Helsing game? (Archived)XNo_FearX51/8 8:04PM
Where can I try out Oculus rift? (Archived)
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johnearts191/8 7:52PM
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Hooray, acceptable temps. (Archived)dragon50451/8 5:36PM
100% Orange Juice. Anybody here play it? (Archived)
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Arucard05331/8 5:28PM