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made the jump into 4K (Archived)
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What are the best 970 brands and models? (Archived)
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Look at Origin, finally stepping up their game (Archived)wildog200681/1 4:04AM
is there any way to stop vsync from slowing down aiming lag? (Archived)
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M16Crowbar191/1 3:29AM
Why is "You Need a Budget 4" a "Top seller"? (Archived)
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Judgmenl201/1 3:23AM
will dark souls 2 DLC go on sale? (Archived)CELTEKK51/1 2:26AM
Best GTX970 that isn't the Gigabyte G1? (Poll)lazycomplife71/1 2:21AM
GIBLET_ENJOYER is a cool guy (Archived)HydroCannabinol31/1 1:35AM
GTX 970 seems to hace been faulty. Need 2nd opinion. (Archived)
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NTF_Madara211/1 1:04AM
Typing trainer that I will actually use? (Archived)almightydun71/1 12:59AM
does left for dead 2 still get patched? (Archived)Flamechamp233361/1 12:47AM
Windows 8.1 and swapping a mobo. (Archived)xcmon3yx231/1 12:37AM
Fan question, In or out? (Archived)Xerocage101/1 12:36AM
Hey guys. Watch Dogs is finally fixed. (Archived)
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ZeroRaider211/1 12:06AM
Free Witcher 2 Code - Happy New Year (Archived)Rufus_the_rat312/31 11:55PM
Question about my Internet speed... (serious question) (Archived)xxxRoco32373xxx412/31 11:34PM