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Is AMD ever going to release new CPU's (Archived)
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32x2z2811/27 2:01AM
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I already have one GTX 760... (Archived)
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Fayt3491111/27 12:15AM
System enters OS shutdown mode... (Archived)Ningishzida711/27 12:04AM
Looking to spend 10-20$ more on amazon for free shipping. (Archived)
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iPWNtheNoobs1511/27 12:03AM
Upgrading from a GTS 450 to a GTX 650 Ti Boost OC. Will I have to flash my BIOS? (Archived)The Sock611/26 11:44PM
Computer just decided to shut off randomly during a game. (Archived)bladedwraith1911/26 11:28PM
Poll: If you had to classify it as one of the following, a Steam machine is.... (Poll)EGMRULZ611/26 11:20PM
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any chance of arma 3 black Friday deal? (Archived)zeek778311/26 9:50PM
Msi ge40 (Archived)
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Minichan461311/26 9:46PM
I used namebench to check what setting will give me the fastest load speeds. (Archived)IcyFlamez96511/26 9:44PM
Reminder that the nanny state has nothing to do with achievements (Archived)Monkeymage711/26 9:42PM
Help choosing a monitor (Archived)Emperor_Gestahl311/26 8:56PM
Oh this nanny state is sad that you kids are growing up in. (Archived)
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happyscrub13611/26 8:49PM
Overclocking a i5 3570k (Archived)
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XxTwisted26xX2811/26 8:39PM