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SoM cutscene crash - uh, help? (Archived)OmegaFlare18510/14 2:03PM
the evil within runs perfect on my 280x 3gb (Archived)
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Trance_Fan2510/14 1:37PM
XCOM: Enemy Uknown (Archived)Sasuke_Itachi810/14 1:21PM
How does one scan an item and keep the same size when printing? (Archived)The_Dark_Hadou410/14 1:10PM
Realistically, where do you think the next GTA be set? (Archived)
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SergeantPenguin2810/14 12:45PM
What is a good SLI configuration to start with? (Archived)
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WormBoi31110/14 12:01PM
what build with you go with? (Archived)auginiste310/14 11:54AM
Tomb Raider on Steam sale, worth the money? (Archived)
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cow15781110/14 11:50AM
what ever happened to amd mantle (Archived)
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GameVisions2310/14 11:39AM
Do you typically disable integrated graphics after installing a video card? (Archived)strongo9410/14 11:36AM
What do you guys use for your desktop video player? (Archived)
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InferiorPeasant2810/14 11:30AM
Did any of you ever buy a PPU? (Archived)Lemur_H810/14 11:07AM
Just out of curiosity, is there a way to see how much a games been pirated? (Archived)locky723410/14 10:52AM
What ever happened to Games for Windows Live? (Archived)pipebomb_phil910/14 10:52AM
What ever happened to torchlight 2? (Archived)
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locky7237910/14 10:42AM
Do you feel you got enough time to play/finish ALL your games? (Archived)
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Kharillle3610/14 10:31AM
Picking a mouse pad? (Archived)refmon910/14 9:49AM
Scariest game to play for Halloween? (Archived)
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Spidey5551910/14 9:45AM
amd to restart never settle game bundle in a desperate attempt to gain sales (Archived)
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GameVisions1110/14 9:41AM
The Evil Within - Technical Issues (Archived)
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pitt121771210/14 9:14AM