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Youtube is enabling 48fps and 60fps video. (Archived)
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THEB0SS666236/28 9:17AM
About 3 months old, but damn. Stupid bitcoin miners. (Archived)CardigansFan26/28 9:03AM
If I want to go for an A+ cert, any free online tutorials? (Archived)
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nehukog126/28 8:55AM
tropico (Archived)andlenthus26/28 8:54AM
Bit of a pipe dream (Archived)Blade_Of_Ice26/28 8:39AM
System Shock 2... (Archived)
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mattcorley1212256/28 8:18AM
InSomnia - An RPG Set in a Brutal Dieselpunk Universe. Check out this cool game. (Archived)ghstbstr56/28 8:16AM
Your Mouse + Keyboard Combo! Go! (Archived)
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iiFroZenHeAveNz896/28 8:10AM
Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition (Archived)
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Dukaduka1k82116/28 8:10AM
I'm looking to get a new m+kb (Archived)Batmanchu76/28 8:04AM
Looking to get a decent new PC (Archived)PhoenixNine16/28 7:52AM
Why does Steam track play time only if you're online? (Archived)MiIkMan56/28 7:51AM
Steam Sale so far (Archived)
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samuraigaiden216/28 7:46AM
Should I pick up payday 2 if I already got it for free on ps3? (Archived)thefabregas2246/28 7:42AM
Frame drops/stutter in BL2 DLC (Archived)Rawe16/28 7:39AM
Payday 2 for PC, worth it? (Archived)
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Agnostic420206/28 7:28AM
If you're about to buy a i7 4790K, please wait for the i7 5820K instead (Archived)
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KamenRiderBlade206/28 7:27AM
When monitoring CPU temperature, should you be looking at socket or core temps? (Archived)thefearedmonstr16/28 7:16AM
Are you getting the 4790k? (Archived)
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ThePCElitist256/28 7:08AM
My FPS was higher when I first got my card but it went down. Is that possible? (Archived)TheDyslexicGuy66/28 6:20AM