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do you agree that as of right now, current gen and pc are pretty much equal (Archived)
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magemaximus5111/25 2:13AM
PS4 controller mic? (Archived)jms_209611/25 12:30AM
Hosting a Terraria 1.2 server with Hamachi? (Archived)harcoreblazer911/25 12:28AM
looking for a blue switch mechanical keyboard for upcoming build (Archived)KillerzOverHere511/25 12:00AM
Windows Media Player is broken, and completely unable to uninstall it or fix it (Archived)WhatPoll811/24 11:56PM
Need feedback on this build (Archived)
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ADHDguitar1511/24 11:39PM
My case has a noticible vibration (Archived)crad991011/24 11:29PM
First time PC Buid (Archived)pjlind611/24 10:08PM
CrossFireX video cards (Archived)
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Unpure_Euphoria1111/24 10:02PM
Sorry guys, I can't see the next Half Life releasing sooner than 2015 at all (Archived)EGMRULZ911/24 9:38PM
best 2.1 speakers to match with z soundlbaster sound card? budget $120 (Archived)cainism251011/24 9:18PM
analog controls for movement but still use mouse? (Archived)josh_b711/24 9:12PM
How is this bundle? (Archived)Cobra1010211/24 8:39PM
Been noticing a significant decrease in performance with my PC (Archived)Xa3r0x511/24 8:14PM
Content encoding error (Archived)Fade2black001111/24 8:06PM
Upgrading to SSD question. (Archived)gamesisgood811/24 8:05PM
Hit a new steam peak record! (Archived)
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progamer6641211/24 8:05PM
Finally put together a PC for my Nephew. (Archived)AshWilliams78611/24 8:01PM
I'm looking to buy a non-gaming heavy laptop (Archived)Rags_2_Riches911/24 7:27PM
So what are some must have free Windows 8.1 apps for my Venue 8 Pro? (Archived)zerooo0511/24 7:21PM