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Is Takedown: Red Sabre in any a better state now? (Archived)Red_Jester72/11 6:28PM
I heard PCH likes Pirates! (Archived)
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pwnater777142/11 6:11PM
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PC news!! first Evolve gameplay and cinematic trailer (Archived)
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xenosaga123452/11 5:58PM
Survival horror games with limited emphasis on puzzles? (Archived)
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TheBlueDeath142/11 5:45PM
Looking for some game recommendations. (Archived)
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GameFaux112/11 5:32PM
is steam down? Can't log in. (Archived)happyscrub122/11 5:32PM
Just pre-ordered that Goat Simulator game (Archived)That_Damn_Kid72/11 5:30PM
Hey guys, fan on my Hyper 212+ is dying...any tips on a replacement? (Archived)Artemis_Fei102/11 5:19PM
Msi gp70 2od-027 or sager np6670 (Archived)Kespo1312/11 5:17PM
Can I use a Nyko Core PS3 Controller on PC? (Archived)sonic_man0042/11 4:25PM
Just got a PC -- what do I do now (Archived)
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XavierLovesYou182/11 4:24PM
Looking for a new graphics card (Archived)
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krazychao5212/11 4:18PM
wire management help :L (Archived)
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dennis941012222/11 4:14PM
If I love StarCraft 2 and Company of Heroes 2, will I like Civ 5? (Archived)Dirk85UK92/11 4:12PM
ps3 controller on pc, D-Pad issue. (Archived)Oldschool_DBZ32/11 3:58PM
Enter here if you got a sig rig that crushes PS4 & Xbone. (Archived)
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ChA0TiCoNe642/11 3:43PM
Do you ever (randomly) strip apart your PC? (Poll)
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EpicKingdom_272/11 3:41PM