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Tactical PC games (Archived)
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brantank116/11 12:23AM
Looking for advice in buying parts for a from the ground-up box (Archived)GraverobberJ76/10 11:36PM
Objects turn green when rotating camera in games. (Archived)dataDyneSoldier26/10 10:29PM
what upgraded should i get next? want to prepare for GTAV (Archived)
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Pokemon_Bastard166/10 10:15PM
computer randomly entering standby? (Archived)iemerg_96/10 9:26PM
Ps3 or just build me a gaming pc? (Archived)
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When you won't be using your PC for a while, you... (Poll)
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lucascg356/10 8:32PM
Steam Summer Sale Qs (Archived)joeman6106/10 8:32PM
July 11 will be the steam summer sale? (Archived)
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gameonlock256/10 8:25PM
any good survival horror games on steam? (Archived)psyduck15196/10 8:00PM
Do you prefer playing a predetermined character or a fully customized one? (Archived)
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Terrorknight3306/10 7:59PM
My headset broke after like a month (Archived)_SNAGRAT_LIE86/10 7:42PM
Oh great and mighty PCH board, answer this poor mans wireless n question.. (Archived)staticxtreme556/10 7:31PM
Ridge Racer Unbounded? (Archived)nellyfan80426/10 7:21PM
Will the 4670k set me for the slur of games releasing soon? (Archived)
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Bowm4080196/10 7:16PM
Finished build ($1,800 budget) (Archived)
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tHeCBkiD156/10 7:05PM
Hey everyone, I'm the guy who said R* can kiss his ass. (Archived)
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protools1983166/10 6:50PM
So what PC gamers getting now 23'24' or 27'' whats is most popular ? (Archived)
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Kano92266/10 6:46PM
Xbox wired controller doesn't work on splinter cell conviction (Archived)refmon36/10 6:37PM
whats the overall best card under $200? (Archived)NewVigil46/10 6:31PM