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Book of Unwritten Tales?l337Bossman56/19 8:18AM
PC gaming, why its not a platform, and how to make it one. (Very Long Read)
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bubbub01966/19 8:16AM
Quick question on Red Orchestra 2TruePowerSeeker46/19 8:14AM
Whats the difference between GTA V Rockstar CD Key and Steam CD Key ?
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FacelessNeedle136/19 8:11AM
Does anyone seriously remote play games?lp35628176/19 8:00AM
Was Sins of a Solar Empire on a daily deal yet?CommunismFTW26/19 7:47AM
Noob question: Should the PSU fan be facing the floor when installed?BlackBanjo66/19 7:41AM
TeamViewer questionpistachio288826/19 7:28AM
Is the steam refund policy in action right now? I posted this on the wrong boardlordofthenlpple106/19 7:22AM
Some things you should know about Steampothocket76/19 6:50AM
Steam sale - Dead State
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l337Bossman126/19 6:45AM
man, I really wish Horizon was coming to PCstryfeforlife16/19 6:40AM
Was there any news on Mount and Blade: Bannerlord at E3?kelemvor76/19 6:25AM
How to stop Netflix from hogging all bandwidth?Benjamin_Button56/19 6:10AM
Europa Universalis 4, just, WOW...
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Sinfullyvannila186/19 5:01AM
Decent Article comparing games to moviesbubbub0176/19 4:12AM
How are the Spiderweb RPG games?MangorushZ86/19 3:54AM
Gmg codes and Arkham Knightbubbub0186/19 3:37AM
Did you buy anything: STEAM Summer Sale Day 8
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DarkSideOfBlue476/19 2:18AM
Vanilla Skyrim + Mods?
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justaseabass216/19 1:55AM