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My FPS was higher when I first got my card but it went down. Is that possible? (Archived)TheDyslexicGuy66/28 6:20AM
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So I guess Elder Scrolls Online isn't the thing anymore (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer546/28 5:04AM
Need controller and Fallout/ Fallout 2 help (Archived)
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Logan_Sony256/28 4:54AM
Device stuck on infinite loop crash (Archived)Caguioa26/28 2:28AM
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Advice on first-time build (budget) (Archived)
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MCC1701186/28 2:20AM
Reccomend me a mechanical keyboard (Archived)
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MCC1701206/28 1:41AM
Is the How to Survive game, is it any good? (Archived)ghstbstr16/28 12:57AM
The Struggle of being broke during a steam sale. (Archived)scarface_jr96/28 12:43AM
Is reddit even big enough to actually pull off what people claim they did? (Archived)
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JohnnyKooch316/28 12:34AM
Should professional gamers be considered athletes? (Poll)
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FalxXD426/28 12:23AM
need a bit of help in child of light, the beginning(spoilers) (Archived)Ivany200826/28 12:22AM
Colony Building Sims? (Archived)brantank26/28 12:02AM
Can I play any Persona games on PC? (Archived)
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temoorashraf116/27 11:46PM
Payday 1 still worth it? Or should I just skip to payday 2? (Archived)CreepyPRV26/27 11:42PM
Weird Issue on Dishonored (Archived)jackrabbit181916/27 11:38PM
So how is banner saga? (Archived)Homie_20246/27 11:26PM
FFXIV or WoW for community and PvE? (Archived)
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DarkKnight0458236/27 11:15PM