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Branbekka's "Have you played?" series Day 53 - Rogue Legacy (Poll)Arucard05410/8 4:01PM
I just beat the witcher 2 and two worlds 2. (Archived)
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Billy Trance1410/8 4:01PM
True Difficulty - Random vs Fixed (Archived)
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Lvthn3310/8 3:59PM
Will WWE 2K15's system requirements be similar to NBA 2K15's? (Archived)
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iPr0kkaFTW1710/8 3:56PM
PS4/Xbox One boards are going crazy over the AC:Unity "parity" (Archived)
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DmanTee4510/8 3:53PM
question for anyone with trackball mouse (Archived)stabito610/8 3:43PM
ATTN: Person who suggested RequestPolicy (Archived)Judgmenl110/8 3:30PM
Asus 980 reference cards are in stock at TigerDirect (Archived)HandGrenade2510/8 3:29PM
i'm not buying ff13 again until i see some really good mods. (Archived)Billy Trance710/8 3:25PM
Modded Skyrim with 970 troubles. (Archived)Boge410/8 2:57PM
Does anyone have Assassin's Creed 3? How well does it run? (Archived)
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cow15781110/8 2:48PM
The frame rate suddenly dropped for all my games (Archived)indica610/8 2:47PM
980 SC upgrade or sidegrade from a vanilla Titan SC? (Archived)LiQuiDsWorDs56210/8 2:44PM
AD700 + modmic? (Archived)Bazooka_Penguin110/8 2:27PM
amd 'bermuda' 390x revealed, 20nm dx12 (Archived)GameVisions1010/8 2:23PM
Aren't hallucinations or dream sequences becoming common in video games. (Archived)
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Futureops-1910/8 2:17PM
What is your favorite Microsoft Windows version? (Poll)
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Futureops-2010/8 2:05PM
Great platformers? (Archived)refmon810/8 1:55PM
Konami makes greatest tweet ever that will ever be tweeted.. (Archived)
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ChromaticAngel1610/8 1:42PM
Hurry up Nvidia and release the 980ti!! (Archived)Ep1taph303510/8 1:38PM