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Anyone know how to make Win7 show thumbnails for videos with MPC as the default? (Archived)Soraiku36/8 10:44PM
Should I pre order the Witcher 3 from GOG for $47.99 which include extra content (Archived)
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I sliced it off. (Archived)
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MarissaPants366/8 9:24PM
Does the type of Ethernet cable affect speeds? (Archived)
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The_Dark_Hadou296/8 9:17PM
860M performance in comparison to desktop cards (Archived)Psyborgasm86/8 9:03PM
Police chases in Watch Dogs > GTA V (Archived)protools198376/8 8:43PM
Why do most monitors only have the audio in jack in the back ? (Archived)
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Kano92206/8 8:13PM
Nvidia Control Panel (Archived)mccue16646/8 8:07PM
What is Amazon's return policy on CPUs? (Archived)KJay48986/8 8:01PM
Gamefaqs find me a gaming laptop that.. (Archived)
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bladedwraith1116/8 7:48PM
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Tim Cook tweets photo of Mac production line running Windows (Archived)KushnPurps76/8 7:13PM
input/opinions/help wanted on first pc build (Archived)
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ivanderland126/8 7:09PM
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Is this a good 1150 mobo for a 4770k (Archived)Sources96/8 6:54PM
What percentage of your backlog are games that you will never play? (Poll)cuteboi10076/8 6:51PM
Question for all DisplayPort users out there... (Archived)
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Dragnfyr126/8 6:51PM
Is original counter strike $10 on steam still popular? (Archived)gamesisgood36/8 6:35PM