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Installing new SSD in ultrabookmegamanfreakXD512/16/2015
So question about watts on a gaming pc
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Any announced games with the potential to be better than Undertale?
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Had an E-mail from Newegg about deals. $250 Mushkin 1TB SSDit_r_over9000312/16/2015
Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Sound Card, does that output pure 5.1?silvergokuZ512/16/2015
PSA: All Skylake NON-K CPUs can be OC'd with ASUS/ASrock/MSI!!!thegreatsquare812/16/2015
Dragon Age: Inqusition is a SJW game
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Games with alternate (faster) movement techniques
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GOTY Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3
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NZXT 820 vs Corsair 900D?LouisvilleXV912/16/2015
Kojima's next project just might come to PC despite him partnering up with SonyTropicMoon10812/16/2015
WTF is Undertale?
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What part is most likely to be damaged from improper shutdowns?Laocedric16912/16/2015
Why are the default windows 10 desktop wallpapers so low res?Dirk85UK312/16/2015
AMD To offer open-sourced gameworks alternative called GPUOpen
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How do you backup your data in case of HDD failure?
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Is this the next Undertale?ignivim312/16/2015
Opinions on this Windows tablet?LurkyMcLurk712/16/2015
Congrats pc master race :)
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