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Will Windows 10 work with games that run on Windows XP/7?
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killa1096122/12 8:29AM
Anyone interested in splitting a Humble Bundle?GameFaux22/12 8:18AM
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is the newest publisher on GOG.comBMXJouster22/12 7:00AM
Do you guys think this is a good PC chair for long term gaming sessions ?Kano9252/12 7:00AM
Never played DOTA 2 or LoL, are they worth playing?GSWarriors-82/12 6:31AM
My GPU benchmarks aren't very consistent...should I drop the core clock?rdking9642/12 6:10AM
Good PC RPG's?
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MichaelJones84112/12 6:06AM
Petition to get Persona 5 on PC!
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chrishu311862/12 5:56AM
Can I change the color of the keyboard on my alienware laptop?Mindbend8er42/12 5:54AM
Cities: Skylines release date announced, also now available for preorderEclypse981042/12 4:55AM
I'm buying new keyboard/mouse for my gaming PC - wireless or wired?
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Lobomoon112/12 4:26AM
I need your help, PCH. Can't install windows on my new SSD.Darth_Kamcio62/12 2:56AM
Lords of the Fallen $18
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NGd72142/12 2:01AM
Do you think the game Evolve will be popular for a long time?
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Mindbend8er752/12 1:48AM
What genre(s) relies most heavily on good writing and a good story?temoorashraf92/12 12:19AM
So I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 on sale today...TheBorderCollie82/11 11:03PM
My PC Choke Point?
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oSONICo132/11 11:00PM
Just Started The Neverwinter MMO, Any Other Good MMO Games?turtles123662/11 10:02PM
Sister needs a new laptop, hows this?Acdcfantony102/11 9:27PM
Unable to post a review on Steam.somebody33622/11 9:03PM