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-5xad0w-268/19 2:22PM
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Right, so my XFX 280x didn't come with the Never Settle Forever Coupon... (Archived)
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MortalDanger138/19 2:10PM
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1 game franchise that would upset you the most if it became a console exclusive (Archived)
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wwarren19528/19 1:52PM
building cool power efficient computer (Archived)
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Firespark1118/19 1:48PM
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Have to hold power button to boot pc (Archived)
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-CJF-188/19 1:33PM
Archeage - worth buying the $150 patron package? (Archived)Neopian108/19 1:28PM
POTD is pretty stupid. Consoles have been getting PC games for ages. (Archived)
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AsucaHayashi118/19 1:27PM