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window drags tail like mouse (Archived)
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Have you played Shadowrun Returns and/or The Banner Saga? (Archived)
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Planning to sell a gaming PC I got second-hand. (Archived)metroidman9241/27 10:22PM
Titanfall beta for PC and Xbox One (Archived)
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zak234131/27 10:11PM
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Best rig/sig contest. Rate the person above you. Sig and Rig (Archived)
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KillerzOverHere191/27 9:42PM
The Castle Doctrine (Greatest game of all time? Troll Sim 2014?) (Archived)TimePharaoh11/27 9:36PM
Getting ready to order. Checking to see if i need any adjustments before i do it (Archived)
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SoulreaperX112201/27 9:32PM
Any classic traditional horror games out there? (Archived)
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mgsfreak1688141/27 9:27PM
Eve Online battle currently happening, 10H, 57 Titans dead and 200K USD lost! (Archived)
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mtjormitch321/27 9:26PM
If more Platinum titles came to Steam, which would you buy first? (Poll)crimsonclaw11121/27 9:26PM