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Help! The internet has stopped working! (Archived)
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Virus shut down my drivers- will wiping the computer fix it? (Archived)ian209347/10/2012
How's Dayz? Looks extremely interesting and unique (Archived)
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Possible to learn enough about computers to deny professional help? (Archived)
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It turns out the sale starts on the 10th (Proof within) (Archived)
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On market for a new 5.1 headset... (Archived)
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How many months/years before a laptop battery fails to hold full charge? (Archived)
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Combat Arms is now on steam (Archived)bikeblaster37/10/2012
Leaked bios turns your 7970 into a GHz Edition (Archived)60secondAssasin57/10/2012
THinking of getting asus 77 sabertooth. Comments? (Archived)
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anything like yars revenge (link), but that doesnt suck? (Archived)RajKhN17/10/2012
Blacklight or Tribes? (Archived)
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adventure games with immersion? (Archived)
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Best non-TN panel monitor for $250? (Archived)CommunismFTW37/10/2012
Bad hard drive? (Archived)odericko37/10/2012
Is Dungeon Fighter online still fun to play? (Archived)Bret_Failvre27/10/2012
Horror/Survival game suggestions? (Archived)Ty_Unit107/10/2012
So just got mirror's edge and have a problem hard to explain.. (Archived)XxTrifuzzxX87/10/2012
Opinions on this laptop (Archived)dandan322067/10/2012
Ubuntu Question (Archived)TomGC27/10/2012