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So what exactly is Guild Wars? (Archived)
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Shouldn't I be getting better performance on my new laptop? (also, Newgg RMA?) (Archived)iammaxhailme77/9/2012
PC players, Danmaku, Input devices? (Archived)PeacefulPoetry67/9/2012
REALLY glad I got that 560ti :) (Archived)
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What's the first video game you remember playing? (Archived)
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Ikari Gendo3457/9/2012
So why SHOULDN'T you want an optical drive in your PC anymore? (Archived)
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Solid Sonic317/9/2012
what determines how fast you can extract a file? (Archived)magemaximus67/9/2012
Would buying a new Wireless PCI adapter improve my speed? (Archived)__Cam__97/9/2012
Free screen video capture software (Archived)TheJCBand47/9/2012
That feel when you can run any new current game at max settings :D (Archived)
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Pro Cycling Manager 2012! (Archived)Dave_is_my_name57/9/2012
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