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Any good netbook sales going on?Disastersaurus96/8/2014
If Rockstar released Red Ded Redemption for PC suddenly today, would you buy it?
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PSA: Chrome Canary is now 64-bitSaga366/8/2014
Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to max Alan Wake?
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Gotta love that Apple craftsmanship
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Anything good coming out this month? Or next?Disastersaurus36/8/2014
Need help on figuring out a certain game's name.Heavenwargod56/8/2014
Is there some ancient magic to get OneNote to sync with OneDrive as read-only?Frost_shock_FTW16/8/2014
Dark Souls GFWL Problem
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Weekly Humble Bundle (German Edition) Steamkey Giveaway
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First time building a pcivanderland76/8/2014
For 25ft HDMI cables, is there anything else important besides wire guage (AWG)?Volebamus66/8/2014
What's a good DVD burning software that will work in DVD players?
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Chrome Devlulzace16/8/2014
So with UFC undisputed the new graphics kingJackTheRimmer66/8/2014
I got a new monitor and there's strange black ripples in the bottom right edge.TheAnthraxBunny26/8/2014
So many salesThePaleRiderp36/8/2014
Looking for a gaming laptop, need some advice.
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Problem with 560ti artifacting in and out of gamesRyamus106/8/2014
Switching between gaming on TV (HDMI) and Monitor (DVI)mkil586/8/2014