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Your reaction, Nintendo buys Valve.
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good cheap gaming mouse?
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1440p 60hz VS 1080p 120/144hz VS 3X 1080p 60hz Vs That new Asus 1440p 144hzhk711198/8/2014
Favourite years of PC gaming?
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Choice of $99, $100, and $101 mouseJair88/8/2014
Headset for a large head?Easyle28/8/2014
Is there any place where you can out what the latest patches are for a game?Lord_Vader48/8/2014
The story of the first Mass Effect seems to drag on... should I just start ME2?
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Good games on steam that have low system requirements and touchpad friendlyWalkingCasino28/8/2014
If you have a mouse that cost more than $100, you can't be a pro gamer. Period.Garfield6448/8/2014
If you have a mouse that cost exactly $100, you can't be a pro gamer. Period.Blobs_18/8/2014
Will CoD Advanced Warfare for PC be the next gen version?
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For RECORDING VIDEO, which is better: 1080p @60 FPS or 4K @30FPS?Psythik98/8/2014
Reactions to Apparent Source Engine 2 Launch?
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27 inchers, come inside.
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Looking to get CPU/Mobo/RAM for ~$400shadosneko108/8/2014
Fun thought I had about video game development
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Bit of a hard choice. New monitor, or New GPU first.
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CK2: As Pagan, what is the advantage of concubines if it is all gavelkind?Forever Shadowed38/8/2014
How well does your gpu run stalker lost alpha?Jiazhen28/8/2014