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Recommend me a good mouse pad (Archived)
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What's the maximum resolution supported by a DVI cable? (Archived)
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Anyone here with the Nvidia shield? (Archived)DerPancake412/4/2013
Weird, System Restore resulted in a BSOD (Archived)EternalFlame66112/4/2013
PC Gamer posted Battlefield 4 screenshots @ 7680x1440.. yum (Archived)
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just bought shadow warrior for 10 (Archived)DARQ MX312/4/2013
"Vishera" End Of The Line for AMD FX CPUs (Archived)
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Which should I upgrade first? 2100 vs 7770 (Archived)Bad0Companny912/4/2013
120hz or 60hz TV/Monitor for 1080p w/ GTX 780 (Archived)yhmusic412/4/2013
Wow, Shield doesn't feel like a handheld at all... (Archived)
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Rate this it overkill? (Archived)JackyLumber712/4/2013
Possible to force my games to recognize a certain controller as player 1? (Archived)Im with Stupid212/4/2013