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if only new vegas had proper 3yr development cycleapolloooo311/5/2014
Is Shadow Warrior's gameplay as amazing as its trailer?
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is 75-76 C (167-168 F ) normal for 4670 non overclocked? ( under heavy load )apolloooo311/5/2014
any reason to get a smart tv if you have HTPC?Firespark11011/5/2014
Banished is on sale for $10 on Steam.
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Google Talk app for Windows is no longer supported.Ch3wy411/5/2014
My rig has 4k resolution and runs at 150 fps.WinstonS1984711/5/2014
How come monitors can do 4K at 60FPS, yet UHDTV's can only do up to 30FPS?galfasanta1111211/5/2014
GTA V FPS Mode - First Look!
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What's the most reliable/best site to upload files as back up as well asBigB0ss13511/5/2014
Is this one of the good 1440p korean monitors I've heard about?Disastersaurus311/5/2014
Can normal monitor use nvidia 3d vision?DarkestPandaPie311/5/2014
What hasn't been done yet in an FPS game that you'd like to see?
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Pepys Monster3811/5/2014
970 questionShadowDragon16311/5/2014
Ok so I am about to install windows 7 on my HDD with files i want to keep.-geno3883-411/5/2014
Have you guys ever not beat a game and why?
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have you ever bought a game that you were genuinely disappointed with
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GTA V - will it have co-op?PIITB415811/5/2014
Great article on COD AW PC performancentstambo2511/4/2014
Is 70-72 C high for a non-OCd i7 2600K?ajko0001011/4/2014