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Should I be skeptical/weary of a free "Smart Router" offered by my ISP? (Archived)
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Why do all my games randomly kick me out into windowed mode? (Archived)Ozymandssss212/18/2013
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When do you think the GTX 780 will drop in price again? (Archived)MuayThaiJesus612/18/2013
The first and last game you played on Origin? (Archived)
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What's a fun in depth game that can be played for 15-30 minutes at a time? (Archived)
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Lucked out (Archived)
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WTF.. Avast went overkill.. (Archived)
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Anyone already install the Nvidia 331.82 driver? (Archived)BlueRamza812/18/2013
Is FireFox/Waterfox more private and secure than Chrome? (Archived)__Cam__312/18/2013
Fan controller worth it? (Archived)mithoschapter512/18/2013
Shadow Warrrior 75% off on steam (Archived)Maximoom312/18/2013
Best free video streamer? (Archived)SkaterUB212/18/2013
what the hell is going on with youtube? (Archived)zeek778312/18/2013
Is Dayz the next great pc exclusive? (Archived)
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Should I get a logitech controller or a ds3 controller? (Archived)
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Name 1-3 games from the past or present that stick in your mind... (Archived)
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Free Half-Life 2D game (Archived)TheC0ndemnedOne212/18/2013
Keyboard. (Archived)countzander712/18/2013