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Gunna play a half-life to see what all the fuss is about. One or two?
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Went to youtube and everything is huge, did I accidentally press something?chaos_belmont59/23/2014
Intel Opens Door on 7nmShark_Laser39/23/2014
New Romance of the Three Kingdoms game announced
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How is Wasteland 2?
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Laptop or pc for gaming and why? Best setup and cost?
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Do you think theres anyone in the world who owns every single steam gameDirk85UK99/23/2014
you think a toshiba 2 in 1 like this could play borderlands the pre sequeltiamat99929/23/2014
Hearing advertisements from my Laptop, WITHOUT INTERNET. Help?GamingLablet49/23/2014
Would you buy a diablo themed real time strategy game?
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Question about DOOMWygun39/23/2014
My PC just randomly shut down out of nowhere...TehPwnzerer49/23/2014
EVGA cards are trash. Why are they popular on this board?
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Tic Tac499/23/2014
Keyboard pressing multiple keys, help pleaseFatalAccident39/23/2014
Do you think Capcom releasing REmake remaster is a test...Dirk85UK49/23/2014
Which of these will be the most practical setup?Sephiroth31139/23/2014
PSU intake fan at the bottom of PC is blocked, that's okay right?
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OMG! We are getting another cool exclusive!Futureops-39/23/2014
Is this a good time to get a second GTX 670 for SLI? Since the GTX 970 came outdarklink101749/23/2014
if half life 3 was 100gb in size would you download it or buy retail?
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