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CAn't get microsoft office to instal. (Archived)bladedwraith211/10/2013
Should I sell my 7970 and buy a 280x? (Archived)
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I find RTS games boring.... (Archived)
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Is 70c - 75c a good temp range for an overclocked i5 3570k to 4.4ghz under load? (Archived)
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How much overclocking can I do? (Archived)Suiki611/9/2013
Anyone have an endless space cd key? (Archived)namesadam111/9/2013
upgrading to win8 (Archived)samdmerocks211/9/2013
Prime95 (Archived)
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Who wants Arkham Asylum or City? (Archived)
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When will dynamic backgrounds become popular for PCs? (Archived)
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Suggestions for a blu-ray drive? (Archived)Thorninator211/9/2013
Dear lord Youtube new comment section is TERRIBLE!!!!! (Archived)
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Help me decide on my remaining budget! (Archived)rabbi_baby311/9/2013
Looking for a good gaming desktop for (ideally) under $1000 (Archived)Ticking_Death411/9/2013
Bored like me? Post a build you would actually consider buying from PCPP. (Archived)overkillwfo1978811/9/2013
Question about an older motherboard, trying to see if it'll work (Archived)JohnnyShred612411/9/2013
Please advise me on next upgrade or frivolous purchase. (Archived)ricosan1988611/9/2013
Upgrade from Phenom II X4 965be 3.8ghz? (Archived)
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just beat ghosts single player, wasnt bad, but mutli sucks. where is physx???? (Archived)
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Most stable version of Windows on release? (Poll)Dorami1011/9/2013