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Any reccomendations for headphones for a friend? (Archived)Knighted Dragon39/3/2013
Fantastic series on Dark Souls lore (Archived)DaedalusEx69/3/2013
Anyone here with experience painting cases or case parts, need your help. (Archived)CC Ricers79/3/2013
I have 1 year on my warranty, should I send in laptop or wait? (Archived)Voelger99/3/2013
Need help buying a laptop (Archived)
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So I won a 3970x at PAX (Archived)
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How can I fit this video card into my pc tower? (Archived)
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Are the metro games worth it? (Archived)Dirk85UK49/3/2013
Xbox 360 controller cramps my hands... (Archived)
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So what do i look for when getting a motherboard? (Archived)
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Dragon age Inquisition pax prime demo (Archived)
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Metro: Last Light (And 2033) 60% (And 75%) off (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak69/3/2013
So, just finished watching a live demo of Dragon Age:Inquisition (Archived)
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So how easy is it to make a video game? (Archived)
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Opinions about this rig (Archived)NauticalDisasta39/3/2013
What do you think of this 27 inch, 144hz, 2ms GTG, 1080p monitor for $375?r? (Archived)Star_Nuts79/3/2013
I have 75GB total space for C:, yet i can only find 16GB worth of files? (Archived)
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Need help finding a game (Archived)ducklucky39/3/2013
What is the best processor I can upgrade this old computer to? (Archived)
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Has anyone here made a custom PC case from scratch? (Archived)freezeman89/3/2013