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Two questions about dual monitor setup (Archived)Kyle102243/25/2014
Uplay's patching system makes me mad >:( (Archived)QuestofChosen43/25/2014
Screen cleaner? (Archived)Marshall_Law83/25/2014
Seeking some pre-Halo style FPS's, possibly even MS-DOS era style. (Archived)
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2 weeks after I buy a gtx 770 (Archived)
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This mean there is no 790? (Archived)specter171753/25/2014
My dirty little secret.... (Archived)
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Need suggestion on a headset (Archived)
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I would totally download a car. (Archived)dragon50463/25/2014
Steam down the past two hours (Archived)Jenfromwin63/25/2014
Isn't it a no-brainer to make a new single player KoTor? Who has the license? (Archived)BendoHendo43/25/2014
Steam has officially gone to s*** (Archived)
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Predict the future of PC gaming 20 years from now (Archived)HELZERO83/25/2014
When PC components go on sale, does this mean they are clearing shelf for (Archived)RemixDeluxe63/25/2014
What is a good, Easy to use capture device? (Archived)Video_Game_Czar13/25/2014
Will this SSD work well in my Macbook Pro? (Archived)
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Which is the better buy? (Archived)sonic_man0083/25/2014
Steam questions for you (Archived)
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Rockstar = attention trolls? (Archived)
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call of duty123/25/2014
What kind of PC build would not be bottlenecked by the Titan Black Z? (Archived)m0986-873/25/2014