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thinking about learning some programming now.. (Archived)
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need help doing a fresh install of windows and keeping all files (Archived)LiQuiDsWorDs5627/10/2012
Which Fan & Heatsink should I purchase (Archived)EStar99957/10/2012
macbook with ssd help (Archived)lambojone37/10/2012
Upgrade my 560ti or SLI? (Archived)EvilGiygas87/10/2012
How do I enable screen rotation through keyboard? (Archived)BoozeHound5937/10/2012
Fun little game I came across (Archived)Brebs920027/10/2012
Is Dungeon Defenders still good? Thinking about buying discounted DLC (Archived)iCurious37/10/2012
C/D The Witcher 2 > Sim Ant > Superman 64 (Archived)Conficker27/10/2012
when is unreal engine 4 going to release? (Archived)Trance_Fan107/10/2012
Good 2500K heat sinks? (Archived)
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what do u guys think? (Archived)HydroCannabinol37/10/2012
Rumoured specs of 660ti, 660, and 650ti (Archived)Snuckie757/10/2012
is gamefaqs broke for anyone else? (Archived)60secondAssasin107/10/2012
Steam not allowing you to resell used games in the EU could be illegal (Archived)
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So, today I played doom 2 for the first time. (Archived)MaestroSSX47/10/2012
Is it likely any EA games are gonna be on sale on steam? (Archived)
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Just got a Ducky Shine, problem (Archived)Eggroll36067/10/2012
So what does AMD have to counter against Nvidia's PhysX feature? (Archived)
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Steam's Summer Sale list leaked? (Archived)
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