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Bypass sub-par Verizon Wireless modem/router (Archived)NDPitcher111/3/2013
Time to upgrade to a SSD... I don't know where to start ($350 budget) (Archived)KunkWRX411/3/2013
BF4 win7 vs 8.1 (Archived)godplaysSNES1011/3/2013
Do you think we'll start getting "same-day" releases (with consoles)? (Archived)gadragod911/3/2013
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 worth it? (Archived)Stalker415211/3/2013
Any Battlefield 4 players? (Archived)Bazooka_Penguin1011/3/2013
unreal engine 3 never looked better :O (Archived)snkboi811/3/2013
Just how powerful are computers in terms of hardware right now? (Archived)Kaliesto611/3/2013
Man bought $27 worth of Bitcoins..forgets...years later its worth $886,000 (Archived)
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What do you think of this build? Will it run Black FLag at 1080p? (Archived)Sempiterna411/3/2013
What is the first PC game you bought? (not necessarily the first you played) (Archived)
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Lady Une6011/3/2013
Which monitor 21:9 is better? LG EA93 or ASUS MX299Q? (Archived)zak234511/3/2013
BF4 doesn't seem to look that great, assumed it would be better (Archived)Xeeh_Bitz611/3/2013
Seriously though, it's embarrassing how much better PoE is than THAT game... (Archived)
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Forever Shadowed4511/3/2013
Best bang for buck PSU in the 600W range? 2500k + 570 system (Archived)Shebeskii911/3/2013
Looking for laptop advice, have 2 in mind (Archived)Scody811/3/2013
Is Windows 8 with classic shell better than Windows 8.1? (Archived)Pepys Monster611/3/2013
Building a pc for the first time (Archived)ni12345p111/3/2013
I've gotten phishing emails before, but this one seems a bit mixed up (Archived)laxxe23511/3/2013
Just moved into a new house and. (Archived)gamesisgood211/3/2013