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Holy crap, the 290X gets up to 94 degrees C under load! (Archived)
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Did the first r9 290xs sell like hotcakes? (Archived)cuteboi100510/24/2013
Desktop brightness different than in game fullscreen. (Archived)maxfreak110/24/2013
Steam hours played all of a sudden extremely innaccurate. (Archived)DifferentialEquation910/24/2013
COD Ghost PC install 40 GB and COD Ghost PS4 49 GB. What is going on? (Archived)
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Is Grand theft auto 5 coming out on pc? (Archived)Nightshift1983810/24/2013
Is there something like OpenEmu but for PC's? (Archived)__Cam__410/24/2013
Are most of your Steam friends people that you randomly met on pub or on forums? (Archived)
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How to know if someone is a gamer (Archived)
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Quick request for anyone with Photoshop/GIMP (Archived)LouisvilleXV510/24/2013
Good OTA TV Tuner for PC? (Archived)03251310/24/2013
AMD R290X - Taking the lead by a HUGE margin (Archived)
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Anyone ever had this problem. (Archived)Kenimatic210/24/2013
Good beginner midi keyboard for creating music? (Archived)runrom810/24/2013
Is there a replacement for DS3 Tool (PS3 controller via USB)? (Archived)__Cam__410/24/2013
Help building my PC (JFP1 Connectors) (Archived)hitman456321310/24/2013
Best way to clean a mouse pad? (Archived)
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Reminder: OSX users can get OSX Mavericks for free (Archived)
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Suggest a new motherboard CPU combo please (Archived)oj_simpson007510/24/2013
AMD R9-290x reviews are out (faster than Titan at half the price) (Archived)
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