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Do you encounter framerate drops when gaming on your PC? (Poll)
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Graphics problem... Windows or motherboard's fault? (Archived)RPGMatt61/1/2014
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Question about Injustice. (Archived)
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Sorry if this is off topic but I don't know where else to look... (Archived)BigEp51/1/2014
My new years resolution is... (Archived)
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Red and blue screen (Archived)
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I am giving out a free copy of Mark Of the Ninja (steam) for New Years. (Archived)
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How much should I pay for: (Archived)Pokenub71/1/2014
What are some old, forgotten, underrated games you wish would show up on Steam? (Archived)Forever Shadowed101/1/2014
Question About the Steam Holiday Sale (Archived)Topology81/1/2014
Any reason my computer couldn't handle r9 270? (Archived)
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Help with H100i and AX860i (Or any AXi series that has the digital link dongle) (Archived)BIGGESTPS3FAN61/1/2014
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How's this build? (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak91/1/2014
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Good PSU to use with a 760? (Archived)Ame_no_Murakumo71/1/2014
new parts, or new build? (Archived)boss58551/1/2014
Which game would you recommend, Outlast or Deadlight? (sale) (Poll)DesperateMonkey81/1/2014