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Laptop recommendation (Archived)666Sandman66629/9/2013
Best monitor for PC gaming into next-gen? (Archived)Brainhunter59/9/2013
How do I create an HTML page and save it? (Archived)GalaxyNexus79/9/2013
Any word on Valve's Steam Box or whatever? (Archived)
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Help with connecting PC to TV (Archived)HelmesSeifer109/9/2013
Mini ITX builds are harder than they look. (Archived)CC Ricers69/9/2013
Need to see if this build is any good. (Archived)Delta_F1489/9/2013
Time to play "Guess Their Age"!!! *Audience Cheers* (Archived)
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A console gamer possibly looking to switch to PC (Archived)
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How do you guys stand playing at such choppy frame rates i.e. 60FPS? (Archived)
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Does any Steam game get more out of the Workshop than L4D2? (Archived)pothocket29/9/2013
Looking for someone to do Co-Op Sniper Elite V2 With a Mic (Archived)aceofpilots19/9/2013
So instead of paying for over priced X-com declassi... (Archived)happyscrub139/9/2013
Advice on my first PC (gaming) AMD build. (Archived)
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Decided on this build. Need last minute opinion before ordering. (Archived)
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Genre pronunciation. Well, I suppose it's more a business model than a genre. (Poll)DEMONPANDA21259/9/2013
Sorry beginner's question(s)... (Archived)
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Old build vs new build how much performance upgrade? (Archived)NfuzedXGamer59/9/2013
Forwarding Spam E-Mail = Waste of Time? (Archived)l_Xanato_l29/9/2013
So how good is the GTX 765M? (Archived)iammaxhailme89/9/2013