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Do you know why PC gaming has the worst community? (Archived)
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How would Starcraft be to somebody not that into Strategy games? (Archived)
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Wireless Router Suggestions (Archived)Rhynomar611/29/2013
Thought saints row 3 was meh. How is 4? (Archived)
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Need help finding a new graphics card and PSU. (Archived)Robot_Soopa411/29/2013
Help finding a good hard drive (Archived)Rama_X611/29/2013
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Solid and free/cheap video cap software? (Archived)R_Jackal211/29/2013
Need a $900 build (Archived)emidas111/29/2013
Best to wait until Monday to build a new PC? (Archived)Aeon320111/29/2013
So if Skyrim is a Steamworks game and requires Steam... (Archived)AlexTheNextOne911/29/2013
Is Battlefield 4 worth getting? (Archived)agentjonny2579711/29/2013
How is this 1440p IPS monitor? (Archived)emidas211/29/2013
So not only is Battlefield 4 Origin only... (Archived)
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windows 8 and mumble (Archived)steker16111/29/2013
looking for an isometric action rpg with boss music and flinching enemies (Archived)tiamat999111/29/2013
Building a PC that is on par with PS4 and XBox One. (Archived)
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