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Shadow of Mordor Req Confusion. Help PleaseMetsfan5162510/2/2014
GTX 970 or a GTX 980...Dark__Throne710/2/2014
I just want to take a moment to rep for Nether on this board.Linctagon7410/2/2014
The 30 fps issue for games is still there in windows 10JigSawX110/2/2014
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter looks amazing for a UE3 game.Disastersaurus210/2/2014
Does anyone else have their legs feel kinda stiff after playing?
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My R9 285 arrives today. My first ATI/AMD card in 10 years
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JUST installed MSI GTX 970 Gaming Twin Frozer GPU. How to OC?almightydun610/2/2014
Does Bluetooth Dongle work with ps3 controllers?Billy Trance410/2/2014
It's a good day to have games that I HAVE to play online.Boge210/2/2014
anyone else offended by the Steam front page's recommendations for you?
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What power supply has the nicest cables?slayernyc210/2/2014
If you aren't playing Shadow of Mordor you should question your life decisions!
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When to expect higher VRAM models?SmyttyGuy94610/2/2014
Switching over from DSL to Cable Internet - need a modem to avoid leasing onePathlessBullet910/2/2014
Shadow of Mordor's 6GB requirement for ultra textures is bogus.
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triple s9810/2/2014
Nobody saw this coming, Pillars of Eternity delayed until "early 2015"BendoHendo510/2/2014
Anyone using a Logitech G502 mouse?
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Razer Naga 2014 vs Logitech G600
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Can I make my wireless headset not transmit wirelessly? Logitech G930Springer410/2/2014