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All characters in firefox appear as boxes with numbers in them (Archived)
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all i ask for the dark souls port (Archived)
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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs (Archived)SS4Ricky76/18/2012
PC gaming could be so much more if it wasn't for piracy. (Archived)
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How much would it cost for a desktop to run modern games today? (Archived)
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Grandmother: "My computer is running slow" (Archived)
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Ground Branch reviving the Tactical Shooter. (Archived)MiIkMan26/18/2012
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Microsoft Surface confirmed. (Archived)
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Windows Surface (Archived)
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Civ 5 seems complicated to learn. Is it worth going through all the tutorials.. (Archived)Xa3r0x76/18/2012
wireless monitors. (Archived)Pirate 266/18/2012