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First time building my own PC. Here are the specs..your suggestions please.. (Archived)
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RoyalReturnPLFB184/15 12:36PM
ESO questions (Archived)
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johnearts174/15 12:32PM
I'm planning on getting a new case (Archived)
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it_r_over9000194/15 12:03PM
Are there any sci fi single player games kind of like anarchy online? (Archived)Lightborne24/15 11:41AM
Is the GTX 980 worth the extra $200? (Archived)
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CW Boi 209314/15 11:32AM
Help on Upgrades (Archived)welshnick198224/15 11:05AM
Is getting 300+ FPS bad for your graphics card? (Archived)DetectivPenguin94/15 11:04AM
Is anyone not bothered by trash talk anymore? (Archived)yamas1194/15 11:03AM
Need help with Windows 8 key. (Archived)ValzacardX64/15 11:00AM
Anyone still play VC at all and know a good download for it? (Archived)
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Xtremeclan114/15 10:59AM
When will the next GTX 1000 (or whatever it'll be called) be released? (Archived)St34lth2464/15 10:57AM
Why no Persona or SMT games for the PC Platform? (Archived)
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LiberalAgenda8124/15 10:52AM
Should I jump the gun on this GPU? (Archived)
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Sources344/15 10:50AM
MKX Premium Worth it For $34? (Archived)NGd7254/15 10:24AM
Can I run MK X on this hardware? (Archived)kryptonsson44/15 10:17AM
How's the GTX 970 4GB? (Archived)prozac78684/15 10:02AM
Can't play gtav offline? (Archived)32x2z84/15 9:46AM
A Case for the Master Race (Archived)
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yohabroha124/15 9:34AM
Types of Bit Games? (Archived)
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Nephid154/15 9:25AM
Gamefaqs PCH Social Steam Group with monthly giveaways! (Archived)
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Clouddx164/15 8:29AM