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Asus VG248QE vs Acer G257HU (Archived)
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Is a hyperthreaded dual core CPU able to keep up with non-ht quad core CPU? (Archived)Setzera58/23 3:10AM
Is Dark Souls the greatest arpg ever? (Archived)
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wait for more Nvidia windows 10 Drivers? or switch to my AMD? (Archived)
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shanjo158/23 2:35AM
Have you experienced ghosting? Is "ghosting" a major problem to you? (Poll)Junpei_Stupei88/23 2:08AM
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has a 30fps cap! (Archived)
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How to fix the email app in windows 10? It hasn't worked for me since release (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire18/23 1:15AM
Can lightning zap your PC through a glass window during a thunderstorm? (Archived)
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IOverlord32308/23 1:12AM
Zombi (u?) any good? thinking of purchasing (Archived)
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Binba442128/23 12:09AM
HUGE win for AMD. Intel is going to use FreeSync in the future (Archived)
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lmAtWork428/22 11:37PM
Looking to build a machine that is tiny but also capable of playing old games. (Archived)
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OMI178/22 11:15PM
Csgo forum dead. Need a 5th for a CSGO team. (Archived)bubbub0158/22 11:13PM