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DirectX 12 will allow you to use both an Nvidia and AMD GPU at the same time (Archived)
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Knighted Dragon472/27 12:10AM
What is a good NAS OS for VMWare ESXi/vSphere? (Archived)betatech42/26 11:49PM
DX12 = Over Hype? (Archived)
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Eviei132/26 11:44PM
True night maps in BF4 are amazing (Archived)
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DmanTee122/26 11:04PM
I am a believer of the Brown mech switches now (Archived)
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noname278112/26 10:08PM
Laptop Adapter (Archived)PuppetMaster78622/26 9:43PM
Recommend me a display! And a keyboard/storage? Repost from hardware, too quiet (Archived)Sry4PartyRockin72/26 9:22PM
Battlefield Hardline Leaked Image Details Of Premium Services (Archived)FireBeaver52/26 8:46PM
Not the Robots (steam code for first person to respond) (Archived)beautifuldreams82/26 8:36PM
Do you remember the fps\resolution struggle? (win 95/98 3d gaming) (Archived)
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knightimex192/26 8:33PM
Resident Evil 5 gave me a B rating in a 4k benchmark. lolwut. (Archived)
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knightimex212/26 8:19PM
is steam having issues atm? (Archived)OrgeLambart42/26 8:13PM
Any fix to screen tearing on most games with v sync off? (Archived)Xeron246892/26 7:52PM
Wait for Skylake? (Archived)ervine_lim42/26 7:33PM
Skyrim with ENB (Archived)Ronco_Loid62/26 7:26PM
best vpn in canada? (Archived)
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SmyttyGuy94152/26 6:47PM
Hitman: Absolution key giveaway! (Archived)
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rdking96172/26 6:23PM
Car physics in modern games? (Archived)
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blax34dm112/26 5:53PM
2015 games to look forward to? (Archived)
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Eviei122/26 5:43PM
Another Weebly Humble Bundle (Archived)
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-5xad0w-212/26 5:39PM