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Question about output to a HDTV (Archived)Dagoth-Durr210/13 3:46AM
[FREE GAME] Dragon Age: Origins Standard Edition is free @ Origin (Archived)
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Futureops-5110/13 3:34AM
Tags for the new upcoming Duck Dynasty game on Steam: (Archived)
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TheSchref1310/13 2:13AM
I'm not liking this new trend of overdone lens flare in video games. (Archived)PathlessBullet610/13 1:30AM
Do you even CARE for graphics? (Poll)
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PollGuy542310/13 1:19AM
Games I want (Archived)Billy Trance810/13 1:06AM
NEW Call of Cthulhu announced! S*** just got real! (Archived)SUIT_UP210/13 1:05AM
should i get a gtx 760 or a r9 280 ? (Archived)wentzelot310/13 1:01AM
Should I buy games on sale, even if I don't plan to play them soon? (Archived)F150II610/13 12:43AM
Anyone Here Played Mini Metro Yet? (Archived)iscareu13210/12 11:42PM
EA is a prime example of why corporations should be banned (Archived)
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DreamGoddess16310/12 10:59PM
Is Ryse the best looking PC game ever? (Archived)
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Sedated2810/12 10:42PM
770 worth 50 bucks more over 760 for 1080 gaming? (Archived)riznich48810/12 10:31PM
Anyone ordered the GTX 970 from here recently? (Archived)SolidDBZ810/12 9:53PM
i5-3570K vs i5-4690 (Poll)Pepys Monster910/12 9:49PM
Query RE: SCP Monitor (using ps3 controller) (Archived)almightydun210/12 9:47PM
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I'm on gamefaqs for too long, (Archived)Billy Trance310/12 9:42PM
NCIX has Gigabyte G1's in stock (Archived)DiehardFFv2310/12 9:29PM
Screen pixelation 99% of the time is a bad GPU right? (Archived)
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Xeron24681310/12 9:16PM