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Quick SSD purchase question. (Archived)Emanuel3278748/4/2012
John Carmack apologizes for RAGE (Archived)
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Got a Smite invite today D: (Archived)
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I need a program to burn data files to DVD & Blu-ray verify disc after burn. (Archived)Kano9298/4/2012
Receiver and speaker problems (Archived)MacrossSpecial58/4/2012
Valve's mandatory binding arbitration clause not valid in Canada (Archived)r7gerrabbit98/4/2012
Deciding between two Total War games (Archived)
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This is the best thing on newegg. (Archived)kemPhReAk98/4/2012
Gotham City Imposters connection issues (Archived)itachi199718/4/2012
Is this a decent laptop (even though it's old) (Archived)GM_68/4/2012
Is gamefox broken again? (Archived)
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what would you say the probability is of rockstar fixing gta4 on pc before gta5 (Archived)
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What do you think is the ideal time between upgrades? (Poll)JonWood00778/4/2012
What are some good Middle Age RTS's or Sims? (Archived)
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Mojang agrees with Valve and Blizzard about Windows 8 (Archived)
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New Link378/4/2012
Need help deciding on a computer (Archived)PopcornBaddie98/4/2012
Mac or PC (Debate) (Archived)
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Speakers crackling (Archived)Ethereal_Night48/4/2012
How do you like your camera style? (Poll)
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My chair needs to go. I need a new one. (Archived)RasBriggins68/4/2012