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Do you think Capcom will cancel Resident Evil 6 for the PC? (Archived)
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Horrible screen tearing when playing on a TV via HDMI (Archived)Snuckie7107/30/2012
My friends, EVALUATE! (Archived)
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Is the killer in Still Life 2 the same as Still Life 1? No spoilers please. (Archived)
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Looking into a SSD. Can someone with experience help? (Archived)The Hye Circus57/30/2012
Tethered phone, steam won't connect (Archived)Thuggles47/30/2012
Which game is the best? (Poll)
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Cancelled my Steelseries 7H order and ordered the Corsair Vengeance 1500 instead (Archived)Glockass137/30/2012
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128GB Samsung 830 SSD for $85 (Archived)Lancex5127/30/2012
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