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what would you call bad temps for a laptop........thebladeofwoe72/26/2014
That feeling when you want to play a game you own on console but not on PC/BIOSHCarbon_Deoxxys92/26/2014
Thief has more options than any PC game I've played...
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Steam client acting funnyihategod12/26/2014
Does Scroll Lock do anything important?Samuri52/26/2014
Windows Defender destroying my CPUNazgl5LordofNaz52/26/2014
What are some awesome W7 themes?Synbios45922/26/2014
Upgrade time! $400 to spend on a CPU + MOBOChobitsMach222/26/2014
Looking for a short-term LGA 1150 CPU, Pentium G3420 fine?Conker32/26/2014
Enabling vsync in metro 2033Kroosaydur32/26/2014
Did servers for DayZ just go down for anyone else?Whitemike2005212/26/2014
Cheapest but great quality controller?
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BSOD when turning on Shadowplay and streaming to ShieldDmanTee52/25/2014
How good would a 1GB 260 run with an i3 2120 build?SexCEman102/25/2014
Is the latest version of flash crashing for anybody else?PhilOnDez52/25/2014
Question about upgrading to windows 8 using windows XP 32bit DiscJames1510132/25/2014
Cannot get my controller to stop pulling backwards!!
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Best Humble Bundle ever IMO.
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Buying a custom built PC, any advice is welcomeHomstarRunner42/25/2014
what are you playing right now and if applicable, eating/drinking?
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