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General rule: Leave vsync off unless you notice tearing in a particular game? (Archived)
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[Poll] Which Internet Service Provider do you primarily use? (Poll)
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oh yahtzee (Archived)noimnoturdaddy57/30/2012
The new MAcbook Pro worth 2000??? (Archived)
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Question about steam (Archived)Mahuri57/29/2012
Mac or PC? (Poll)
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[Poll] What GPU do you primarily use? (Poll)
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How do I get songs from my iPod touch onto my computer? (Archived)ComputerLegacy87/29/2012
Worthwhile adventure games from the last few years? (Archived)
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Just picked up LotR War In The North very cheap. (Archived)AshWilliams7827/29/2012
is there a way to "fix" the camera in arkham asylum? (Archived)
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i would rather use straight DOS (Archived)HShadow27/29/2012
So once I buy a PC game I'm stuck with it? (Archived)
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Need game recommendations with light system requirements (very light) (Archived)Tyranius237/29/2012
Half Life 2 (Archived)
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PC shuts off by itself while playing BF3 (Archived)
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Question about Blu-Ray playback software. (Archived)Zantrax27/29/2012
What's a good game where I can jump around a lot while I play? (Archived)Lioncourtx37/29/2012
Will my PC be good for gaming for a couple of years? (Archived)Ferarri61947/29/2012
Experiencing a graphical glitch in Skyrim. (Archived)snae9947/29/2012