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Neverwinter Nights (Orginal Bioware Version)Jaghave81/9/2014
how buggy is that Consortium GameChromaticAngel11/9/2014
Runescape, I'll never understand your rules...
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How does this build look? (also curious about Microcenter)CrmsnFatalis9661/9/2014
Decisions, decisionsUnpure_Euphoria31/9/2014
All my parts arrive except graphics - WHAT TO DO???!!!
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Can someone give me a good laptop recommendation for school?dangerdays1541/9/2014
Running 2 screens anyway to split the audio?Guybrush_Three21/9/2014
What saved PC gaming?
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Fastest and biggiest Hard drive out right now? Only for games?DARQ MX101/9/2014
What's a good program to make music videos?Calusblade21/9/2014
Are there any programs that can optimize your computer?dontdodrugs10191/9/2014
Latest Humble Weekly Sale: Frozenbyte
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Is my SSD Dead?daterxies51/9/2014
if video games had smaller graphics wouldn't that save space
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Windows Update stuck on "Checking for updates". What's a good alternative?Psythik91/9/2014
Anyone else abusing Steam family sharing?
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what is the max cpu volts i should hit for 4770k @ 4.5ghz
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Some people b**** about early access/paid alpha but never mention Star Citizen.
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Lady Une221/9/2014
Finally going to upgrade to dual monitors, looking for suggestions.Melted_Butter11/9/2014