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AMD Catalyst auto detection failure. (Archived)AnagraRiver610/12 4:06PM
Is the AMD Athlon X2 370K good despite having only having 2 cores? (Archived)
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TwyliteSprinkle1710/12 4:00PM
Sharing EA Origin account/games? (Archived)sarevokmb510/12 3:52PM
I actually thought that gamers were part of the intellectual spectrum....... (Archived)
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YumeOMiru1910/12 3:29PM
what ever happened to oddworld (Archived)GameVisions410/12 3:24PM
About to buy this build, any advice before I order? (Archived)SolidDBZ310/12 3:08PM
why does MS "need" my phone number? (Archived)thatauthor510/12 2:47PM
What is a good application to add audio to a video? (Archived)Mystical_Itachi810/12 2:26PM
Worthwhile flash games? (Archived)
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sword_artist_1610/12 2:21PM
why are pc gamers more likely to pirate? (Archived)
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GameVisions5510/12 2:16PM
amd catalyst 14.9.1 - finally fixes bsod (Archived)
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GameVisions1110/12 1:54PM
Is How to survive worth a purchase? (Archived)Stalker415310/12 1:41PM
Thinking of getting the 'Rosewill BLACKHAWK-ULTRA Gaming Super Tower' (Archived)SockzForWokz510/12 1:33PM
Tryin to remember an old Doom style game (Archived)Dragonfire4356410/12 1:29PM
why is everybody getting 60fps on ff13? (Archived)
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mayu7802010/12 12:40PM
The Evil Within DL Size? (Archived)slyman19510/12 12:26PM
Is there something wrong with smfforfree sites? (Archived)DK9292310/12 11:44AM
People with Ultra Wide Monitors - OK for normal browsing, movies, etc? (Archived)delt31610/12 11:30AM
How spoiled are you in terms of graphics? (Poll)
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Jeffw888910/12 11:30AM
Is 8k the highest resolution we'll go to? (Archived)Meter910/12 11:21AM