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Could Windows be misreading my actual hard drive space remaining?iCurious610/12/2013
Cpu and Gpu temps questiongamesisgood310/12/2013
New to chrome
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So what happens if a game has GFWL ?
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How does PCH feel about THIEF (2014)?
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Does Civilization V have DRM?harcoreblazer610/12/2013
Updated Bios on motherboard, now there's failure to start windows
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Which do you prefer single player or multiplayer?
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How's this SeaSonic M12II 620W PSU?
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Changed setting in BIOS, but now I have no display showingAxl_Red310/12/2013
How do you play MP3's in Windows 8?xsabrewulf610/12/2013
Your favorite multiplayer map of all time?
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I have coupons to give away(all are on steam)
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Origins having a big Sims 3 salehappyscrub1810/12/2013
Easy way to remove a background from a PDF file, preferably for free?Doomsday Forte210/12/2013
Ahhhhhhh! Bought new build and hdd is brokenVoelger310/12/2013
Why hasn't Mini Display Port / Micro HDMI taken over?KamenRiderBlade910/12/2013
Can I run my i7-3770k on my motherboard without the Intel Driver?Axl_Red210/12/2013
Why doesnt every game ever made come to PC?
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Help me PCH! You're my only hope (Computer Build Topic)darktemplar20910/12/2013