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Post your desktop
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Legitimacy Confirmationham455911/5/2013
Up to what caliber graphics card can I safely run with a 500 watt corsair PSU?Dragonfire4356411/5/2013
With the latest AMD cards out, I guess this comic is no longer relevantDmanTee311/5/2013
What is the benefit of buying higher quality motherboards?
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call of duty1511/5/2013
shooting down choppers with a rocket launcher has to go
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I just downloaded Windows 8.1...
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AMD Radeon 290 reviews - 14 in totalTrance_Fan211/5/2013
Wish I had waitedSergei_Dukanov111/5/2013
Anyone want an Arkham city goty code?kingjosh1876711/5/2013
Does anyone know if there is a freeware version of the Suffering?steveboblarry111/5/2013
Is an SSD really worth it?mikewu1711/5/2013
is it worth to sli 760 or just keep one then upgrade to 800 series next summer?Trance_Fan911/5/2013
is there a big difference between the 280x and 7950?Dragonfire4356711/5/2013
wait why do i have arkham city goty now?razid411/5/2013
Why are there no returns allowed on digital content such as Steam?
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Extra Keys from the Origin Bundle (Steam and Origin leftovers)pitt12177511/5/2013
Does your rig use more electricity than a standard refridgerator?MrMonkhouse611/5/2013
Playing Ghosts with a Joystick online vs Keyboard usersQUIK1011/5/2013
Looking to build a PC
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