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Why does changing the resolution in a game mess up my sound & chat settings?grampamurked36/14 6:30PM
What games are you currently playing on the PC?
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JanwayDaahl636/14 6:26PM
Great Steam bundles?Distance0386/14 6:18PM
Monitor color calibration HELP PLZgism133726/14 5:40PM
Do your Razer keyboard light effects lag at start-up when there is no internet?Risa_Omomo56/14 5:40PM
Is TW:W the hardest game to run currently?
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Distance03116/14 5:23PM
B... B... Bad rats is... It's getting a sequel...locky72376/14 5:19PM
Are Xbox Anywhere games worthwhile enough for you to run Windows 10?
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Solid Sonic216/14 4:54PM
Is Battleborn worth $20-25kryptonsson66/14 4:50PM
The real gamers of spoken
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SKN226/14 4:50PM
I moved to PC gaming to get away from Microsoft.
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protools1983366/14 4:46PM
Anyone here have a home theater?_Marka_Ragnos_56/14 4:42PM
Laptop high CPU temperature?Dedj86/14 4:34PM
1440p > 1080p? Also, 144hz > 60hz? Is it really that much better?
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zay1lovesGrace146/14 4:29PM
Root Double - Before Crime * After Days xtend edition. Who's playing this?
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xylomarim116/14 4:19PM
Sacred 1 or 2?solosnake106/14 4:13PM
The reason I don't think Dishonored 2 is going to be good is it looks too easy.
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bubbub01326/14 4:11PM
Wireless Headset under $100 AUD with micPokenub26/14 4:10PM
So apparently the new Alienware Alpha can use full desktop video cards...Stejpan46/14 3:07PM
Battleborn adding cash shop to the marketplace for cosmeticspothocket26/14 3:02PM