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cd-key: does this mean I have to have a CD?dioxxys68/31/2013
Why do the need to add VIOLENCE to videogames?
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Which is superior, Diablo 3(ps3) or Diablo 3(pc)?
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I've got 4 Splinter Cell games, thinking about getting Blacklist too. Questions.Flame_Hazard88/31/2013
Need help please - 80C + when playing?
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Need quick help, possibly virus related.Binba44258/31/2013
Someone recommend a pre-built desktop with neon lights on the rig and keyboardplasma_kirby12338/31/2013
Is Aliens: Colonial Marines worth it for the sale price?NotQuiteAFreak108/31/2013
Teach me on Intel's i5 processorsCadeler58/31/2013
Hope this is the right place to discuss computers.
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Poll Do-Over: New Motherboard - Re-install Windows or Use Current Install?TheFeshPince28/31/2013
Question for all you Noctua owners. Temps and fanspeed
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DARQ MX118/30/2013
Why do Japanese companies have a better grasp on the PC market than Ubisoft?Loshadt108/30/2013
Logitch Laser Mouse Unresponsive On 90% of Surfaces
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Is there any point in adding memory to my laptop if my CPU is lol-quality?thompsontalker738/30/2013
update on the guy who stole my ram and dedicated video memory
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Just got a free PC, will you guys answer a few questions please?
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Is leaving your printer on bad?xDallas68/30/2013
Is Prison Architect any good?
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Leaked Witcher 3 gameplayFony58/30/2013