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This may seem incredibly dumb, but I don't know a whole lot about PC's.KillerzOverHere88/18/2013
Do people really play with an inverted mouse in games?
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In my mind I still want to play games but in my heart I'm getting sick&tired
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PSA: FF14 Realm Reborn surpasses ALL PC games in popularityGwynsSonSolaire68/18/2013
Audiodg.exe issues, possibly with Payday 2?Valkassium18/18/2013
My newest laptop came with Windows 8mumpsy2188/18/2013
Question about HP PSUs.Ame_no_Murakumo38/18/2013
Anyone play Starsiege: Tribes back in the day?
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Buy BF3 to log in?
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Anyone want a steam key for McPixel?hawsman218/18/2013
Sign if you didn't buy the EA humble bundle
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I'm trying to get onto
Hardest Game To Run At Max Settings - And The Price of a PC That Can Run It
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Building new PCGawl942778/18/2013
Plants vs Zombies 2 - It's a good thing it hasn't come out on PC.
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Which Call of Duty is best/easiest to mod on Steam?Also which mods should I try?
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Anyone else here OCD about games?
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Will I be able to run Battlefield 4 with this setup?__Stewa__98/18/2013
LA Noire Green man gaming $4.80 is it worth it
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The Humble PewDiePie Bundle is a gross name but some really fantastic games.Lord_Cohliani98/18/2013